About CRD Web Development

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CRD Web Development is all about you and your digital needs. I’d say the best words and phrases that describe me are modest, perfectionist, honest to a fault, and persevering. As such, these are the attributes that CRD Web Development is based on. I didn’t enter the web development field until I was in my early 30’s. Having worked several jobs in the customer service industry, I realized I wanted to do something that would have more of an impact. I got started in this field rather unconventionally. I used to drive for a living, as in drive a semi-truck. On one particular run to Texas, I saw a beautiful mural on the side of a trailer. Seeing this got me thinking as to how graphics were made. As such, I downloaded a few free graphics editors and eventually developed a skill set. Afterwards, I wanted to get my graphics on the web. I could have used many of the free services available on the internet, but such free services weren’t really mine. I needed a website. This is what led me into code.

CRD Web Development

Humble Beginnings

In 2009, I began my career as a college student seeking an education in web development. College was certainly a rewarding experience for me, but it didn’t quite offer what I wanted to do. As such, I studied code and followed tutorials in efforts to become the kind of web developer I wanted to be. Applying the same efforts, my skill set is constantly evolving. I basically went from static websites that didn’t change to fully dynamic websites that are tailored to a clients specific wants and needs. If that isn’t personalized service, CRD Web Development just wouldn’t exist. Please visit my services page to learn more about CRD Web Development and what I can provide for your business.

Life outside of CRD Web Development

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Outside of web development, I have several hobbies. It’s important to have a work / life balance. I enjoy PC gaming, photography, driving and walking out in nature. Oh and let’s not forget about COFFEE!