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CRD Web Development

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Specializing in PHP, WordPress HTML5, CSS3, and of course jQuery. Please visit the About page to learn more about me and my background.

Heya, my name is Chris and web development is my ProPassion. Over the years I’ve written countless lines of code to bring the visions of others to life. When I’m not developing an application or website, I engage in hobbies such as PC gaming and graphics. I’m also an amateur photographer and like to take pictures of nature. I am an experienced web developer that enjoys new ways to push the boundaries of web design and development. With an artistic sense of design, knowledge of many things web and of course coffee, I persevere to bring my work to new heights. My services are available whether a simple website revision is required, or a complete overhaul is favored.

Your Business, Your Website

Your business is unique. As such, your business deserves a unique appearance on the web. CRD Web Development can take an existing website and provide updates. Or better yet, provide you with a whole new website and user experience. With new emerging web technologies coming out all the time, it’s important to stay on top of the web. This is what CRD Web Development specializes in. As your business strives to stay on top of its market, CRD Web Development strives to stay current with the web.

SEO, Your Business & the web

SEO, also referred to as Search Engine Optimization, is the process in which search engines find information based on what a person searches for. Keywords, links, and content are indeed important. However, there are plenty of underlying factors that affect SEO rankings. Examples of such underlying factors range from load speed, resources a website relies on, and alternative text. CRD Web Development is not only a web development business, it is also aware of SEO best practices. If you would like an assessment of how search engines are ranking your business website, please visit the Contact page and send an email.

CRD Web Development

Tailored To You

CRD Web Development
For every business be it small or large, it’s essential that a web presence is established. Various questions such as the following require an answer: What does my business do? How does my business do it? Who is my target audience?


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The cost of custom built websites generally vary from project to project. Custom websites are the digital representation of a business. And because custom websites are specific to a business, such projects are different every time.


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Every business has its own sets of challenges. In order to effectively market itself and remain competitive, such business needs to be known. CRD Web Development can be instrumental in devising solutions to these challenges.